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    Modern Chess Openings: Sicilian Defence
    The series of programs called "Modern Chess Openings" is aimed at a wide range of players, from club level upwards, and consists of a number of volumes on the most popular modern openings. We hope that these programs will help our users to play their favorite openings well, while eliminating the danger of "drowning" in the flood of opening information.

    "Modern Chess Openings" has the aim of revealing to its users the conceptual sense of the openings and their inseparable links with the middlegame, demonstrating typical plans, procedures, and tactical subtleties characteristic of the opening in question. At the same time, a user will gain a complete impression of the modern theoretical situation. For this purpose, "Modern Chess Openings" contains complete games played in the last 10 years, thus combining recent achievements in theory with examples of middlegame strategy. This approach enables the series to be used in several ways: as a reference program on opening theory, as a source for systematic study, and as a useful tool for broadening one's chess horizons.

    If you want a program just to study openings and you are too busy to collect and enter opening analysis yourself, these Opening Encyclopedias are hard to beat for the price.

    This instructional CD by the prominent coach GM Alexander Kalinin includes theoretical material focusing on the typical playing methods in various lines of the popular Sicilian Defense.

    More than 680 commented instructive examples from Grandmaster games, and over 50 tasks for solution are included. Theoretical material on the Sicilian is given in a database of 50,000 games, with 10,000 more games to be later available for download.

    All the opening positions thoroughly calculated by Shredder 7.04, and the program Chess Assistant Light is capable of analyzing with the built-in chess program Crafty - plus you can edit variations and search for games in the database.
    A first-class production at a reasonable price!

    Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. No additional software required.

    System Requirements: Essential: IBM-compatible PC, 64 Mb RAM, Hard Disk 200 Mb, of free disk space, Windows 2000/NT/ME/XP/2003, CD-ROM drive.

    Referência: SOF0102

    Preço: €26,00

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